Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Coco!

If you ever see a woman with long, luscious, flowing locks, keep in mind that all of this, the beauty and the grace could belong to you as well.

Yes, you read it right. It’s not just DNA, it’s CoCo LaRue, the best and most reliable name in the Hair Extensions DC industry.

CoCo is leading celebrity hair stylist DC supplying the best lace wigs DC, clip in extensions, among other hair extensions. Selling 100% Remy hair extensions, at CoCo, we are all about helping you embrace your inner beauty while making your hair flawless.

CoCo’s career has led her to hair extensions DC stylist and often caterers to women who were quite apprehensive of their thinning hair, bald patches, cancer clients, trichotillomania hair loss and were afraid of enjoying a social life and trying different hairstyles. To deal with this, CoCo came up with her own special solution and decided to create a her own unique technique of applying hair extensions.

Not only does Coco now focus more on supplying high-quality, all natural hair extensions in a wide variety of textures but also on ensuring that the original texture of the hair stays intact and the roots stay healthy.

CoCo has aced every method and she knows exactly how to give your hair the volume you want without damaging the roots or deteriorating the original texture of your hair.

Want the volume?

Want the shine?

Want the texture?

Think of no name other than CoCo.

CoCo’s expertise has led to her becoming a DC favorite because she knows exactly what goes with what type of hair. At CoCo, we are dedicated to balancing the aesthetics with health.

Hair extensions specialist CoCo La Rue offers service for hair loss hair extensions treatment for trichotillomania. Her hair extensions have helped many clients reduce their hair pulling. Read more about CoCo’s hair-loss treatment

The best hair length and volume enhancement solutions with best hair extensions DC, CoCo can help you make the best choice to fit your needs.

When CoCo takes over your hair, she makes sure that you get a dynamic range of shades of extensions to choose from and that the natural texture and quality of your hair stays intact. Moreover, it’s all about playing up your natural beauty so the extensions will just add volume to your hair but CoCo will bring out the natural beauty out of your hair and extensions.

She loves empowering women with beauty and perfection with hair extensions dc. No matter your need we can accommodate you.

Our society puts excessive value on a woman’s appearance than it should. However, women admit that looking like a million bucks, with hair done and their style on point, they indeed feel more confidence.

Ms CoCo La Rue believes that it’s her life’s purpose to empower women with the most beautiful, high-quality hair extensions DC. CoCo’s variety of hair extensions will truly spoil your love for aesthetics and give you the knockout hair of your life. Serving customers in hair extensions Washington DC, Georgetown ,Bethesda Md, Rockville MD, Potomac MD, and Arlington VA.

Hair Extensions services are best sew in weaves, hair loss treatments for trichotillomania and cancer patients,  fusion, tape ins, clip ins, Brazilian knots, shrink links, seamless, lace wig s installation, micro mini and more.

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