All that You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

A wise man knows that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But in this fast paced world where people judge every detail of your makeup or rather the lack of it, it’s indeed crucial to put on a perfect front.

The conventional idea of beauty has put restrictive standards on women. However, looking the conventional part has its own set of benefits. It definitely gets you the validation and keeps your confidence levels up.

Just in case, you feel like you have no idea how to even get started with hair extensions dc, keep reading.

Hair Extensions, the miracle

Hair Extensions are artificial integrations made to the natural hair to give the appearance of high volume and longer length. Even though they are artificial, they are made out of natural, real hair too that the manufacturers seek from donors. However, there’s a thriving market for synthetic hair as well.

Natural hair extensions give you more control over your hairstyle as they are particularly easy to style. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is highly restrictive and is vulnerable to heating or other chemicals, preventing you from styling it.

Do they look fake?

Synthetic hair extensions look rather fake but they are actually fake and are incredibly hard to style and re-style. In fact, they may get tangled or even appear out of place especially if you end up picking the wrong shade.  

The natural hair extensions don’t look as fake but you must make sure that they are of high quality. Natural hair extensions can be quite costly but the authenticity of the hair is worth it since natural extensions are long lasting and let you style them anyway you want.

Experts recommend to always go with natural hair extensions made using the hair type that you share. If you have naturally kinky hair and end up wearing straight hair or caucasian hair extensions, you may have trouble styling your hair later. So, talk to an experienced hairstylist about your natural hair texture before you pick the extensions for your hair.

Applying the hair extensions:

Check out the different ways that professional hair stylists at Hair extensions stores offer for seamless application:  

Strand by strand infusions

In this method, hair stylists use a cold or hot fusion both of which can be quite expensive as well as time-consuming. The stylist takes roughly 20-30 hair strands at a time and applies the extensions to them. Since only 20-30 strands of hair are taken at once, this ends up taking too long. Since, it’s the most natural way of applying hair extensions, the extensions last longer, almost up to 6 months at a time.

Micro links

Micro Links method applying hair extensions is also called the I-tip or the cold fusion method. It’s a type of the conventionally favored strand by strand method and great for people who want to skip the heating part to avoid the hair damage and still get the extensions. Hair stylists use I-tip, a small bead and line it with silicone to keep the natural hair protected from the damage. Then, they use a special tool to shut the beat. Thanks to the precise way of application, cold fusion method lasts pretty long (almost 6 months). Moreover, you can have the same hair extensions reused and reapplied even after they slip out of your hair. On an average, it takes around 4-6 hours to apply extensions using this method.  

Sew in weaves

Most people prefer the sew-in weaves since they are protective of the hair and don’t cause as much damage. In this method, the stylist braids the hair and later sews the extensions in to the braids using a special needle. This method of extension application takes around 3-4 hours and is highly cost-effective.   

Sew In Weaves

Bond weaves

The bond weaves method of extension application doesn’t exactly give durable results but is largely favored by a number of women. In this method, hair stylists apply little bits of hair adhesive to the sections of hair (wefted) and then on the natural hair to attach them.  

Clip-in extensions

Clip In Extension

Clip-in extensions are fantastic for those looking for a temporary comfort from short hair. You can just clip them in without putting too much pressure on your hair and remove them before you hit the sack. These application works great for hair that’s around medium to thick volume and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes on an average. This method is cost-effective and gets you more volume in less time too.  

How to take care of your hair extensions?

If you have never worn hair extensions, you may find taking sufficient care of them hard. And, if you don’t take good care of the hair extensions, they won’t last very long, costing you more money. Here are some basic rules of hair extensions care that you should follow to make sure that your hair extensions last long enough:

  1. Make sure that you softly brush your hair extensions using a soft bristle brush and only when they are dry. Brushing wet extension may ruin the consistency or the aesthetics.
  2. Don’t expose your extensions to washing too much or more than thrice a week. The idea is to keep them oil-free but not mess the structure with the chemicals/products.  
  3. Don’t subject your hair extensions to shampoos that contain sulfate. Sulfate is too hard and rough on the scalp and hair and dries it by stripping the hair of the nourishing natural oils. Since, the hair extensions are artificial, they receive no new supply of the natural oils and grow excessively dry.
  4. You can keep the hair extensions shiny and looking like natural, bouncy hair by adding just a couple of drops of high-quality coconut or almond oil. Whatever oil you use, make sure that it isn’t too sticky.  

Summing up

Even in this modern era, first impression indeed makes the last impression. So, why let your thin or falling hair do the talking when you can wear hair extensions with confidence and look like a million dollars?

Given the wide variety of hair extensions available, you may get confused picking the right style for you. So, consider talking to an expert before you decide what style of hair extension you want to wear and for how long. Based on your budget, hair texture, color and the occasion, the hair stylist will be better able to find you the best suitable hair extension.

Once you have had them applied, make sure that you take proper care of your hair to ensure that your investment pays off in the long run.

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