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CoCo La Rue has officially launched her one on one private hair extensions training and classroom classes at ” CoCo La Rue School Of Extensions inside CoCo La Rue Stores. One on one private classes are  taught by A List Stylist& Hair Extensions Brand Owner CoCo La Rue. Full classroom classes are taught by a selection of talented Stylists from around the World. Our team of talented instructors are requested all around the world to work on editorial shoots for well-known magazines, they are often flown in to do hair for celebrities, bridal, models, photo shoots and highend special events. School owner CoCo La Rue is a leader within the hair extensions industry. CoCo‘s quality is so top notch that it has taken on the slogan for being “the most beautiful hair in the World.”

CoCo La Rue has worked very hard to become a respected hair artist in the business of hair extensions. It all started After having a severe breakout wearing extensions when she was 22 years old. CoCo met with numerous of skin doctors that weren’t able to tell her why her skin would not clear up. Finally after meeting with so many doctors she came across Doctor Juan. He asked her if she had pets in her home because she was allergic. CoCo stated she did not have any animals. Dr Juan then decided to test the hair of the extensions CoCo was wearing. It was there where he discovered that the extensions had animal hair and human hair mixed to together, it was also coated with a strong chemical which caused CoCo La Rue o have a severe allergic reaction. Her reaction was so bad that it interfered with her breathing. CoCo‘s extensions were removed from her head that same day in the doctor’s office. She gave up wearing extensions for nearly 3 years. During those 3 years wearing her own very fine and thin hair CoCo La Rue traveled the World Paris, Malaysia, India, Brazil and Dubai. She visited these countries and formed a team of what she calls her “hand pickers.” They go out to the villages and neighbors knocking on doors to see if anyone wants to sell their long healthy hair. If so it’s cut by the hand picker and prepared to ship into the USA. It’s then processed for tipping, weft, wigs and closures are made.  CoCo provides virgin hair that’s selected by her team of overseas employees. She can’t risk being sick again from working with and wearing hair extensions that may contain animal or synthetic hair and this is why CoCo La Rue Virgin Hair Extensions exists. If you want to become certified to purchase CoCo La Rue Hair get registered and offer your clients hair that will last them a lifetime. Not every client will want to pay for quality but it will be available for you when you have those clients “when only the best will do.”

CoCo La Rue Hair Extension Certification is a great way for hair stylists to partner with a top of the line hair extension brand company.  When you are certified with our company you will have access to wholesale pricing, marketing materials, and a free starter kit. Once certified we also add you to our salon directory for unlimited referrals for local stylists who carry and offer top of the line hair extension services.  Without a doubt We are  #1 for the best quality hair in the hair extensions industry. Once certified you will be apart of this network with so many exclusive benefits. Our A list Instructors offer new and updated latest hair styling tips for extensions and installations. For example Brazilian Knot Extensions, Seamless Extensions, Snyder Extensions, Fusions ExtensionsCoCo La Rue Mini Strands Extensions, 3 Natural Sew In Weave Methods, Hair Replacement Classes, Man-Weave installation and Many More. We do not offer “tape extensions” classes, this is too basic and so simple anyone with basic skills can do it no training needed for this process. We offer Advance classes, we make master hair extensions experts out of hair stylists. For overseas hair stylists We provide the online hair extension training course to salons overseas in Paris France, Africa & Italy.

 Even if you are certified with another Brand you can still get certified with our online hair extension course too. You have to be licensed cosmetologist as this course is for professionals only.  This will only help you increase your revenue, knowledge and access to the most beautiful hair in the World at discounted pricing.If you feel you are significant with your skill of training you can still join our stylist program by supplying your stylist license and start with an opening order of $1000 or more. Your account will be setup and opened. You will also be sent your CoCo La Rue team bunny stylist card through the mail.  When it comes to supplying hair extensions for your clients it’s better for have options when it comes to ordering top quality hair from a honest company. Having that option will benefit you.

Where Our Classes are taught and who can take them? 

We have 3 locations where our classes are being taught. Classes on the East Coast in Washington DC, classes on the West Coast in San Francisco and classes Overseas in Paris France. Our hands on course that you will be able to go over the techniques with the instructor and there is written manual to go with it too. Once you sign up for our certification you will all training info about our classes. Once you register for the classes and book your date our starer kit is shipped out to you the same day. You will have access to marketing materials, wholesale pricing, the online training course, and our written education manual.  In order to become a referral stylists on our website you after taking our classes you After you will have to take a short quiz and submit photos of your work for approval. Once approved you will be added to our network and salon directory on our website and become official certified. Hair Stylists in Paris by signing up for this education course gives you an advantage, you can access the best online hair extension training course in the USA located in the Nation Capital without the travel fees