For almost 3 years, Laqutia aka Lala Martin started with La Rue Enterprise as one of DC’s best makeup artist painting famous faces across the globe. After 3 long years Lala decided to focus more on Residential & Commercial Real Estate.  Lala Martin not only has the beauty she has the brain and is now the director of Real Estate for La Rue Enterprise LLC. Lala will continue working on as needed basis for CoCo La Rue Hair Extensions magazines, runways, television & Hollywood red carpets.

Where the passion for makeup started?

As a child, Laqutia was often in trouble for sneaking into her grandmother’s fancy make-up case. In return for being good, her grandmother would reward her with a lipstick. This, soon, sparked a passion that would stay with her forever.

Her career now in Real Estate.

After obtaining her degree in business at UDC University College in Washington DC , Laqutia decided to totally focus on Real Estate and later this year became the Director Of Real Estate for La Rue Enterprise. Lala is determined and diligent, she quickly worked her way up the corporate ladder and has exceeded our expectations.


Despite the hype, her down-to-earth attitude keeps people coming back for more. Laqutia Martin is truly devoted to her clientele in both Real Estate & Beauty.