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Keen on adding some vibrant length to your hair but don’t feel like waiting for two years. No problem, hair extensions have your back. Why wait for months to grow your hair when you can get quick results within few hours only!

If you are interested in getting some hair extensions but have no idea how to get started, read on to understand how you should approaching the process and get the ones that suit your hair and style.

Right Hair Extensions

Understand your lifestyle

You may have a hectic lifestyle and wear a different hairstyle everyday so it’s best to go with clip-in hair extensions in such cases. These clip-in extensions are also a great choice for those who have no experience dealing with the extensions. They can get pretty messy for a novice so if this is your first time, go with the clip-ins since they are also super easy to remove. Wear them in the morning, go about enjoying your day and take the clip-ins out before you go to bed. Compared to the other methods, clip-ins are pretty user-friendly and don’t consume too long putting in either. Damage to the hair isn’t too extensive either but it surely does cause some pressure.

Explore options if your budget and expertise lets you

Tape extensions are another favorite among many as they stick around for longer. These extensions are attached using an invisible bi-adhesive premium tape that you won’t be able to feel on touch. Experts claim that if you get them right, these tape extensions can even last around 8 weeks.

Another choice that buyers can go with is keratic which involves a super high-tech process for binding the extensions. These extensions last around 3 months or so and are a great fit for people who do hot yoga. Tape extension may not stick for so long especially if you do hot yoga but keratin serves the purpose in the long term.

However, if you are keen on changing the extension color, go with the tape ones.

Picking the right shade of extensions

People who go shopping for hair extensions often have a hard time picking the right shade of extension. Most people end up making the mistake of picking the shade that goes with the color of their roots. Instead, it’s best to go with the shade of your tips since they might be lighter than your roots. Also, most of the part that hangs down your tips is that part that’s visible to people. So, you want to make sure that your tips and the extensions blend in well.


If you can’t find the right shade of extensions, talk to the available hair stylist at the store to get the one that goes with your hair color.

The budget

If you are low on budget but want to get a quick and temporary relief from short hair then going with the synthetic extensions will definitely work in your favor. But if you can splurge then go with the natural hair extensions because the quality of the hair extensions is always worth it.

There are plenty of sellers selling virgin and non-virgin hair. This means, the latter is heavily processed using chemical colors or other amalgamations. So, you want to avoid using the non-virgin hair since it may not give you the ultimate natural hair feel. Moreover, finding the high-quality texture may cost you a little extra too.

Hair that’s closest to the natural color and texture of your hair are the easiest to handle and style. They even last longer and are more comfortable. You can almost always tell the quality and cost of the hair extensions by looking at the texture and the shine. Synthetic hair has fake but high shine that fades with time and gives a very plastic appearance. However, real hair extensions feel rather natural and give you more styled look that you can change later on.

High-quality hair extensions will also help you keep the tangles away and the hair looking glossier and voluminous than usual.

How long do these hair extensions last?

The durability of hair extensions depends largely on the method you choose for application. Some methods let you keep the extensions for few hours or just a day while some let you keep them for months. Depending on how long you want to wear them, you can decide the right type of hair extensions for you.

The durability of these hair extensions depends largely on how you care for them. Most of the hair extensions need subtle care so as long as you keep your extensions protected from sulfate-heavy shampoos or products or excessive tangling, you’ll be fine.

Taking care of the hair extensions

Hair and scalp are just as sensitive as your skin. Understand why everyone tells you to keep your skin makeup free while you sleep? The same goes for hair extensions that are applied on a temporary basis. If you use clip-ins, make sure that you take them out before you hit your pillow and enjoy your beauty sleep. If you don’t, the minute combs in the clip-ins may scratch your scalp and dig into your skin, causing not only pain but also damage to your hair.

Another big rule that you need to follow is that you should cleanse your extensions only once a month and not with a shampoo that contains sulfate. In fact, there are specific shampoos available for cleaning hair extensions and wigs so you can use them to retain the luster and smoothness of the extensions.


Once you have washed them, make sure that you let them dry well without excessive heating or drying to avoid ruining the natural structure and composition of the extensions. Brush them once they are dry using a soft-bristle brush as it won’t put too much pressure on them.

Make sure that you ask the hairstylist regarding the kind of conditioning your hair will need as your start wearing the hair extensions. Cleaning the extensions may strip the natural oils from them which is why they need a new source of the oils to ensure the lustre. So, stay informed about how to take care of your extensions by asking your hairstylist all sorts of questions you have in mind.

Summing up

While budget often proves to be the decisive factor in the choice of hair extensions, you should focus on understanding your personal style needs and purpose before making an investment.

If you end up buying something cheap for the sake of budget, you may be compromising with the health of your hair. But if you are low on cash, then make sure that you go for the removable and temporary extensions.

Always, clean your hair of the temporary extensions the same day to avoid damaging your scalp. If you can manage the money, invest in reusable natural hair extensions that match the hair tip color.

Moreover, use proper wig shampoos to keep your extensions cleaned and use the right conditioner to keep them smooth.


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