Sew In Weaves DC


    Weaves are natural and very easy to care for. A sew in weave can be worn for 3 months, but you must come within 6 weeks for your tighten. Sew In Weaves are perfect if you're trying to grow your hair out, workout, swim alot, or just want to give your hair a rest from chemicals.
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    Service Hair Price
    Sew In Weave Full Head hair  included $800 Up To $3000
    Sew In Weave Partial hair  included $600 Up To $1500
    Seamless Track hair included $1000 up To $3000
    Basic Ponytail hair not included $185 Plus cost of hair
    Closure Install hair not included $225 Plus cost of hair
    Track Removal hair not included $150
    Book an appointment $1000 Non-refundable